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stop throwing your cash in the trash save up to $2,2000 per year on wasted spoiled food.

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With and Without BerryBreeze


  • Saves Up To $2,200 Per Year on Spoiled Food
  • Extends Life and Freshness Up To 3X Longer
  • Sanitizes Fridge and Eliminates Offensive Odors
  • Prevents Nutrient Loss and Preserves Quality
  • No Filters To Clean or Absorption Packs to Replace

Easy as 1-2-3

  • Insert 4 D size batteries
  • Green lights come on!
  • Place on TOP shelp of refrigerator and forget about it.

Proven Results

Berries dot spacer Asparagus

Lettuce dot spacer Apples

Tomatoes dot spacer Avocados

Spinach dot spacer Kale

Plantains dot spacer Peppers

Melons dot spacer Bananas

Oranges dot spacer Cucumbers

Figs dot spacer Grapes

Carrots dot spacer Broccoli

Kiwi dot spacer Green Beans

Stone Fruits dot spacer Celery


Leafy Greens dot spacer Herbs

And More!

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